We’re looking for experts with a passion for the exceptional

Be a part of our interdisciplinary team and contribute your talents. We’re looking for skilled craftsmen, multi-tasking loving office staff, creative designers, avant-garde architects and all other individuals who are crazy about staging. We’re looking forward to your application.

The Holtmann Group has been a specialized provider of exhibition construction dealing with clients large and small in Germany and beyond. For 70 years, we’ve been present at national and international trade shows and events with our brands Holtmann, Mesomondo and Expomondo. We have offices in Langenhagen (near Hanover) and Nuremberg.

We’re currently seeking employees who are fluent in German. You can find our latest vacancies on our German website: www.expomondo.de/karriere

Holtmann karriere 03 mitarbeiter
Holtmann karriere 01 eingang
Holtmann karriere 02 fruestueck