Smart shop in shop systems for ideal brand presentation

We offer ingeniously designed retail sub-spaces for optimum presentation of your brand. Regardless of its size, Expomondo will design your space exactly the way you wanted to be.

The term shop in shop is pretty self-explanatory. It describes a space within a larger store that is run by a specific brand whose goods are presented as if it was a small independent shop. This concept is common in large department stores where fashion brands or home goods manufacturers manage and design their own sub-spaces.

A very practical way of achieving this type of brand presentation are modular shop in shop systems consisting of several individual pieces of furniture that can be extended flexibly. There are different types of POS furniture, like information display units, floor displays, interactive presentation displays and shelves. Furniture can be arranged according to taste and if there’s a special sale it can be rearranged flexibly.

What types of shop in shop systems are there?

There are three types of shop in shop systems:

  1. The retailer rents out a space to a brand manufacturer/seller
  2. The retailer operates the shop in shop system themselves
  3. The shop in shop system is run by a franchisee

Option 1 means that the department store, supermarket, shopping mall for specialized retailer rents out a sub-space to a company working for their own account with their own personnel. For example, a porcelain manufacturer could rent space in a department store with specialized shop assistants that advise shoppers only on their specific brand.

In the second option, the retailer operates the shop in shop themselves. This happens when a popular or high revenue brand is supposed to be placed in the spotlight. Usually, it’s a profit center for the retailer. Alternatively, the concept can be used to elevate the brand and its unique selling points in comparison to the rest of the product line.

Option 3 is used when a franchisee operates the shop in shop system. Some franchise businesses are ideal for new entrepreneurs as a first location or even later on as an additional store. The franchisee is the tenant or sub-tenant of a partial space. There are franchise companies who give out licenses to operators of existing business. They can then extend their own product line with the franchise brand. These shop in shop systems with a franchising model are popular in retail with fashion brands and in the food service industry.

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Advantages of shop in shop systems

Shop in shop systems come with many upsides. Retailers renting out space can easily extend their own product line and attract new customers. The shop operators don’t have to rent their own shop space. Especially for new brands this is a good way to get a feeling for the market without huge investments. Customers benefit from an extended offer and perfectly presented brands. They can browse from shop to shop without leaving the department store and get a new and exciting atmosphere of different corporate design, music and even fragrance with each space they enter. Oftentimes, shop assistants are more attentive in the small, partial shops which optimizes the shopping experience. Customers feel comfortable and may even stay longer in the store. The shop in shop can be as on-brand as possible, becomes a point of interest and is perceived as an independent shop while the main store can maintain their own style.

Expomondo’s strong focus on our customers is what makes us different. We’ll expertly advise you on ideal designs and help you find the perfect solution for your shop in shop. We always aim for a cooperative relationship with the store operators which means that the shop in shop elements can be installed without interruption to the shopping experience of the customers.