Modern shopfitting for small and large stores

Despite or maybe even because of the hype of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores are one of the most important touch points between brands and their customers. At the point of sale, brands can control many factors that influence consumers and their behavior.

In order to provide a special shopping experience, the room concept as a whole and each individual detail down to a single piece of furniture needs to be well-thought-out. The most important consideration factor is the audience. Everything needs to be tailored to them. Expomondo has a unique expertise mix of engineering and material knowledge. We have a keen eye for the extraordinary and focus on high quality as well as expertly serving our clients. Because of this exceptional mix we can easily determine whether your shopfitting concept is feasible long before it’s even built. That’s a great advantage for you. In the area of shopfitting, we have developed long-lasting partnerships with clients who can confirm our customer-centric approach.

Aspects to consider in shopfitting

When constructing a new store there are many things to take into account. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do customers move through the store and how can we guide them?
  • What’s in the line of sight when entering the store and which items are placed close to the cash desk?
  • Is signage needed for the various product groups or areas of the store?
  • Where will products be placed on shelves, which products are at eye level?
  • Which systems are needed for the positioning of products, e.g. shelves, hooks, push feed dispensers?
  • What kind of lighting do you need for your products? How can lighting be arranged ideally?
  • Will you need areas for special offers or sales?

Shopfitting concepts for your ideal product presentation

Expomondo is your strong partner for showcasing your products perfectly. With our unrivaled expertise, we always focus on best quality. We are uniquely able to develop and implement commercially viable concepts for your lasting success.

One team for all your tasks

As our client you will be at the center of attention at all times. We are your partner on equal footing and will be at your side with all the advice you need. Our unique, interdisciplinary team can be involved in your shopfitting project from the very beginning. You will have a dedicated point of contact during the entire process and can fully rely on our team of experts.

We have many years of experience in exhibition construction which means that we know how to coordinate several construction sites at the same time. This is exceptionally important because often multiple stores are built in serial production. Agility and flexibility are our strong suit.

Store fittings that suit your taste

Your store equipment will be realized according to your wishes, requirements and budget. The most important factor in choosing the various materials for your shopfittings is durability. Shop furniture in retail is touched by several hundred if not thousand people daily. That means that the quality of materials must be very high and the construction of the individual pieces needs to be designed to bear above-average mechanical stress.

We make your dream shop a reality

Besides stability and optics, obviously the price plays a role in shopfitting. To keep all costs under control, we trust our team of experts who continuously give feedback to project management. We’re also in constant contact with you during the project to achieve high satisfaction while implementing your shop equipment. We are flexible and we listen to you. Even the most particular wishes and ideas for your furnishing are no problem for us. Expomondo makes your dream shop a reality. By detailed sampling, we give you the opportunity to see your store in real life before any installations have been carried out. The benefits are clear: If you need to make any alterations after seeing the sample, no time has yet been wasted.

Ideal shop lighting for perfect presentation

Nowadays, shopping is more and more celebrated as an experience which is reflected by the behavior of brick-and-mortar shops – from home improvement stores to the most exclusive flagship stores. To shed the ideal light on your products, you will need concept for shop lighting. This is how you guide your customers attention from area to area. Expomondo has a comprehensive lighting portfolio and is able to draw up a shop lighting concept from the parking lot to the checkout counter.